Oversize Guitar Saddle Blanks

Oversize Guitar Saddle Blanks

Black Buffalo horn guitar saddles are requested by some people who prefer the tone that buffalo horn provides in these applications.

Buffalo Horn Guitar Saddle Blank 1/8″

Buffalo horn guitar saddle blank.

1/8″ X .450″ X 4.25″ (3.2 mm X 11.42 mm X 108 mm)

Buffalo Horn Guitar Saddle Blank 3/32″

Buffalo Horn guitar saddle blank for Martin Style Guitars that take a 3/32″
thick saddle.

3/32″ X .450″ X 4.25″ (2.4mm X 11.42mm X 108mm)

Buffalo Horn Martin® 3″ Shaped Saddle

Buffalo Horn Style 3 inch shaped saddle.

3/32″ X .450″ X 3.0″ (2.4 mm X 11.4 mm X 76 mm) Top radius of 16 inches (407 mm).

Exacting profile of Martin short saddle.