Dobro And Over Size Guitar Nut Blanks

Dobro & Oversize Nut Blanks

Large and oversize guitar nuts. Over the years we have heard from various customers who have requested large oversize guitar nut blanks, so much so that we now carry these on a regular basis.

Dobro Bone Nut Large

Dobro Style extra large white bone nut.

.275″ + X .825″+ X 2.5″

.275″ + X .825″+ X 2.5″ . The thickness of .275 is a minimum as many are thicker at .300 and more. Likewise the height at .825″ is a minimum with many of these at 7/8″ height. All are 2.5 inches in length.

Bone Large Guitar Nut

Giant Bone Guitar Nut Blank

.300″ X .650″ by 3.5″.

made of camel bone and is .300″ X .650″ by 3.5″. The thickness of .300 is a minimum as many are thicker. The height is .650″ which is a little over 5/8″ and these are all cut at 3.50 inch length. Because of the size of these parts in relation to the size of the bone they are cut from there are areas where pores are seen.